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More Farscape interludes...

EDIT: MAN ALIVE! It was exactly a year ago today I posted that first set of interludes, how weird is that??? Had no idea until I posted it =D

Didn't I say I was going to do interludes a while back? Where has the time gone?

Over the past few days I have been watching Farscape a my way through season 4 so that I can watch the PKW for the first time...I'm so excited to see the development of John & Aeryn again. I always said they are the OTP to pwn all other OTPs and it's so true. I'm going to pimp THIS webpage as a reason why.

So, inspired by that page, I have decided to carry on with my interludes (which they are, to some extent...), starting at season 4.


That scene when John first arrives back on Moya and sees Aeryn. Ugh. This was begging to be explained further. What was John thinking when he saw Aeryn? She looked so stunning in this scene, despite the less-than-perfect circumstances surrounding her arrival. He must have been torn between the relief on seeing her again and fear over losing her to Scorpius, in a way.

So here we go...


He had only just stepped off the ship when he saw her.

She looked beautiful. Even from this distance, he could tell it was her.

Her hair looked different, as it was now her face looked more shapely and her eyes more beautiful than before.

God, I’ve missed her.

“You’ve come back...”

As Aeryn approached though, John could see something wasn’t right. He didn’t know if he had been smiling, but any trace of relief on seeing Aeryn disappeared from his face at that point.
She was crying, her beautiful brown eyes glistening in the dull light of the docking bay.
She approached him slowly, looking as though her world was crumbling around her. It broke John’s heart.

He reached a hand out towards her.

“Everything’s going to be all right...It’s going to be...”

She came towards him then and as their hands touched, Aeryn collapsed towards him. He caught her in his arms, eased her gently to the ground and kissed her forehead. He recoiled at the heat emanating from her.

“You’re burning up...”

He could feel her quivering in his arms.

“I’ve got heat delirium.”

Her voice was shaky and she was obviously in pain. John pulled her tighter towards him.

“You have to promise me something...”

There was visible anguish in her words.

“You have to promise me that you won’t kill him”

John’s head awash with thoughts, he replied mindlessly.

“Won’t kill who?”

In his arms, Aeryn pulled herself away from him slightly. It sent a shiver down John’s spine.

“He found me, he saved my life.”

“Who saved your life? Who?”

Aeryn had moved away from him now and as though trapped in some lucid dream, John looked up to see Scorpius emerge from the darkness.

“I did.”

The face of the thing he hated, the thing he thought was dead, facing him provoked rage from deep within John. He pulled out his pistol, letting go of Aeryn momentarily and pointed it square at Scorpius, unsure what was keeping him from firing. It wasn’t until later he realised that it was because of that unmade promise to Aeryn.

He grabbed Aeryn’s arm as she moved towards Scorpius, trying to distinguish between relief and rage within him. Everything after that seemed to blur together. John was only half conscious of what he was saying...he was trying hard to enforce a kind of logic which seemed more illogical with every word.

“You’re dead, I saw’re buried, you’re dead...”

Now Aeryn was perched between himself and Scorpius. For a fleeting moment he felt enraged at such beauty protecting such ugliness. Amongst all his emotions John felt a fleeting twang of hurt at Aeryn pulling away from him.

“What did you do to her?” He didn’t register Scorpius’ answer, instead focusing on the way he touched her. Rage burned inside him.

Scorpius was telling Aeryn something, an instruction. The audacity was too much for him. Before he could stop himself, he was calling D’Argo.

“D, get out here!”

It gave him slight consolation to see D’Argo’s rage flare.

“, he’s not a threat”

Aeryn’s words were not registering - John couldn’t listen anymore.

“He’s always a threat!”

Vaguely aware of D’Argo behind him, shouting, he could hear Aeryn instructing him to lower his weapon. For some reason he couldn’t take his eyes from her as she stood there in front of Scorpius.

“What’s he done to her?” A voice asked, Chiana’s this time.

"I gave my word that he would not be harmed. Put your weapons down.” John could see the next part coming.

“You expect us to honour that promise?” D’Argo asked.

“Yes, or I will leave Moya now”.

Despite all his hatred – all his anger – John had seen is coming. In the heat of the moment he resigned himself to the inevitable.

Chiana asked why Scorpius was here. John had forgotten to ask.

Aeryn’s voice was calmer, but her cheeks still glistened with tears. “He wants asylum”.
It was enough for John to lower his gun, through nothing but love of the woman he thought he’d lost.

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