moaningminnie (moaningminnie) wrote,

An update, an obsession, an old project and a new one

Oh well, it has been a while. I will forego the excuses and updates about my life in general and skip to the most important part.


...but getting the full seasons 1-4 boxset for xmas, along with the PK wars dvd was immense. It's just so different from any of the other sci fi shows I love so dear. The characters are so out-of-this-world, and the relationships between the characters developed so tremendously throughout the 4 series. Don't even get me started on John/Aeryn...that relationship is so out of this world! It is the epitome of shipping.

Ok, so now that wee rant is over...I have recently had to make a HUGE decision. My choices were staying at work, having my free time to myself etc...or going back to Uni to do a PhD. I have decided against the latter. Now I just need to make sure I do the best I can with the decision I have made.

(Now's where it all fits together)

I am going to have more free time (I hope!) so I'm going to start doing little interludes to fill the gaps between some key farscape episodes or parts of episodes. In addition to that, I will be working on the sequel to my old "Home" story.

I'm excited, hope everyone else is too!!!
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