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Home - Part 5

And here we go! The next installment in the series (:

Previous parts can be found here: Follow Me

My pic of the chapter:



Once back in her quarters, Elizabeth threw her jacket onto the nearest chair and fell on top of the sofa. John took a few slow steps in past the door and then hovered by the coffee table.

“I’m proud of you,” he said after a short while, which caused her to look up. “A lot of people’ve been wanting to throw something at Zelenka for years...though perhaps for slightly different reasons...”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, unamused.

“Did you really mean that?” he went on, his tone suddenly quite serious. “Have you really got no control over the mood swings?”

There was complete silence momentarily, with John simply watching her, the most contemplative of expressions on her face.

“Not really,” she said finally, in something of an anticlimax. “Zelenka was just annoying me, and the sandwich was making me feel nauseous...”

She waved her hands, leaving his imagination to fill in the rest and when it did, he laughed. She smiled at him, and the two gazed into the middle distance briefly.

“Anyway, I’d better be going,” John said, finally. Elizabeth nodded, pulling herself up out of the chair to see him off. “No, don’t you get up,” he said firmly but kindly, moving over to help her. “I saw how much trouble it was for you to get down there in the first place...”

He smiled again and as he leaned forward to catch her under her arms and ease her back down, their noses touched ever so slightly. Both of them stopped moving then – Elizabeth easing back onto her chair, John leaning over with one hand on either side of her. Their eyes were locked and their breaths short. John tried to take his eyes from hers, but found he didn’t have the will. He tried to make some quirky remark, but didn’t have the words.

So just like that, before either of them said anything, Elizabeth Weir leaned up and kissed John Sheppard.


She didn’t quite know what had come over her, all she could say is that this was the most at peace she’d been in months. As John moved his hand up her cheek, eased down beside her and gently took her hand in his other, Elizabeth felt her heart slow to a blissful contentment. There wasn’t anywhere else she’d rather have been then than right there with him.

This was perhaps why, at that very point, a pain which couldn’t be ignored began in her stomach. This was followed by an uncomfortable turmoil resulting in a highly inconvenient wetness between her legs.

It was quite obvious that the blissful comfort wasn’t felt only by Elizabeth. Somebody else wanted to be noticed then too.

Before she’d even registered the situation, John’s lips had pulled ever so slightly apart from hers and, without moving, he muttered quietly. “ that coming from you?”

Neither moved for a moment while something clicked in her mind; when it did, she pulled back from him and looked down. She didn’t noticed him do likewise, nor him back away substantially, a look of slight terror on his face.

“Whaw...hey,” he cried, jumping backwards to look down at the mess. “Is that your...” He motioned to her stomach and then did something indistinguishable with his hands. “ know?”

He scratched behind his ear tensely.

“It’s time,” was all she said in response, in a voice so calm it startled her a little.

John responded in a most amusing manner; twisting round on the spot several times in alternate direction, as though looking for something which wasn’t really there in the first place. When he noticed Elizabeth pulling herself up off of the sofa, his clueless panic stopped and he ran over to assist.

Once she was up, a wave of supreme terror hit her, and for some unknown reason, tears flooded her eyes.

“I don’t have anything packed,” she cried, “nothing’s ready...”

As a sharp pain cut through her midriff, she clutched her stomach in despair and as she did so, she felt John’s arm around her.

“Sssh, it’s alright,” he said warmly, “you’re fine. I’ll take care of everything.”

He pulled away momentarily, reaching for something perhaps but what, she didn’t know at the time. Before she could stop herself, she found herself pleading “stay with me...”

Turning to look at him, another horrible pain tore through her stomach, and through her tears she could just make out John shaking his head.

“I will,” he replied, “grabbing her jacket off of the chair and leading her towards the door. “Always.”


“Don’t you hear that?...oh, yes, I definitely hear’s the sound of...yes, me winning the baby poll...”

Mirroring his absolute disgust, Ronon pulled his leather glove tighter round his hand while Rodney gloated persistently, smiling sanctimoniously at everyone he could.

“Alright, don’t say another word,” Ronon ordered finally, after several minutes of the charade. Despite the obvious damage Ronon could inflict on the much smaller man, Rodney continued.

“Yes, my good friends, the mind never ceases to amaze me in its diversity. Astrophysics, temporal mechanics, bioelectrical engineering...and it would now appear I also have a wonderfully acute flair for the medical sciences too...”

“You won the baby poll by five days, McKay—“

Despite Ronon’s counter-argument, Rodney McKay lifted his hands up behind his head and crossed his legs smugly on the stool beside him. Had he not saved the entire expedition team’s lives on so many occasions Ronon would have considered pinning him to the coat hook on the wall to their right and leaving him there indefinitely.

Carson interrupted them before he had the chance to consider this further.

When the doctor entered, both Ronon and Rodney leapt to their feet. Rodney, however, seemed to forget about his crossed-legged stance and consequently stumbled forward before retaining his balance.

“We have a bairn,” Carson announced, ignoring Rodney’s actions. His voice was brimming with excitement, and his eyes welled up with pride.

“A what?” Rodney snapped. “Talk properly, Carson, is it a girl or a—“


Beside Ronon, Rodney stopped mid-agitated hand gesture. “It’s a girl?”

The doctor nodded. “It’s a wee girl – seven pound exactly, and she’s Elizabeth down to a tee...”

“How’s Elizabeth?” Ronon asked. Carson nodded. “She’s fine. She did beautifully, I’m so proud of her. Sheppard is with her right now, would you like to go in?”

Like children waiting for permission to head outside to play, Rodney looked to Ronon, who turned back to Carson and nodded.

The three of them then entered the infirmary.


The sight was one which would forever live in the Atlantis memory book. On the bed sat Elizabeth Weir; eyes heavy, face drained but an aura of utmost joy intoxicating the air around her. In her arms lay a small bundle of blankets cocooning one of the most adorable little faces imaginable. Dark, almost black eyes, pale, translucent skin, tiny fingers to compliment a tiny button nose and a small, almost unnoticeable fuzz of light brown hair crowning her head. The baby girl was, without any shred of doubt, her mother’s daughter.

The little dozy smile on her face even matched that on Elizabeth’s.

John was sitting on the edge of the bed, arm around the new mother’s shoulders, but nobody even seemed to notice their commanding officer’s closeness.

“Well?...” John said, after a minute or so of silence. It seemed that neither man knew what to say; a fact which became blatantly obvious with Rodney’s response, just as Teyla entered the room.

“Yes, must’ve been sore...”

The way in which the words were delivered; though more so Rodney clearly finding this a most acceptable comment, caused six heads to turn in his direction.

“She’s beautiful,” Ronon said, before anybody had time to linger on Rodney. Six heads consequently turned in his direction, but Elizabeth looked at her daughter and her smile widened.

“Thank you, Ronon,” she replied, while Teyla looked up at the Satedan and smiled. “Indeed, she is,” she then repeated, which made Elizabeth’s smile widen. “Have you considered a name yet?” Teyla went on. “Elizabeth junior, perhaps?”

Her suggestion made John laugh, but Teyla looked puzzled. “Is this not a common tradition amongst your people?”

“You’ve been watching a lot of television on your trips to Earth, haven’t you?” John laughed. Teyla merely tipped her head once.

“How will you choose a name?” Ronon asked Elizabeth, seeming genuinely interested in her response. Before she could say anything though, a buzz of chatter broke out around her.

“Most people chose names they’ve heard somewhere,” John advised.

“Yes, sometimes people name their kids after famous people, too” Rodney piped up, sneering slightly.

Everyone ignored him. Elizabeth spoke then, which brought the babble to a hush.

“I think...” she began, the most contemplative of looks on her face, “...Megan...Megan Laura Weir.”

Just as her face succumbed to a satisfied smile, so did the majority of the room’s. John leaned over and looked into the baby’s eyes, seemingly unaware of how much his actions resembled that of a doting father.

“Megan Weir...pleased to meet you.” He reached over and shook the tiny finger sticking out of the blankets. “You’re going to be a heartbreaker.” He looked up at Elizabeth and smiled. Just then the baby’s eyes opened slightly and she yawned. As she did so, a smile crossed the face of every single person in the room, no matter how cynical.

Teyla beamed and looked up at Ronon, who appeared to be unable to help but smile in return.

“I think she likes you, John...” Elizabeth laughed, causing John to look noticeably proud.

“You think?”

“Well that was quick,” Rodney interrupted. “It took me at least a year before I’d made my mind up about you...”

John smirked and tipped his head in a sarcastic manner. Before he had a chance for a witty comeback though, Teyla had stepped forward and sat on Elizabeth’s other side.

“May I hold Megan?” the Athosian asked, a little anxiously, but Elizabeth merely nodded and very gently passed the tiny bundle over to her friend.

Teyla didn’t take her eyes off the baby for all of the time she was holding her. Most likely subconsciously, too, everybody found themselves watching Teyla, completely mesmorised until Elizabeth spoke.

“What’re you grinning at?” she asked Rodney curiously, seeing how the man’s smile-induced beaming cheeks were incredibly hard to miss.

“Oh, nothing...” he answered, dazed, watching the baby. After a few seconds of no elaboration, Elizabeth looked away.

“Oh, well, I won the baby poll...” Rodney said loudly and proudly after some time, obviously trying to instil a kind of nonchalance in this fact of which he was so proud. The only recognition he received though was a sigh from Carson and a few eyerolls from the others.

And just when the man appeared to be at the peak of his triumph, John seemed to chose the appropriate time to cut him in his stride.

“Actually, McKay, if I remember rightly you were down for five days ago, weren’t you?”

Without having caught on yet, Rodney nodded proudly, waiting for John to continue. But it was Teyla who did so.

“Then I believe I have won.”

As though she had indulged them in some kind of exciting secret, the others looked at her, as did a suddenly un-amused Rodney McKay.

“What?” he hissed.

“What?” Ronon echoed, looking like she’d just made his week.

“Yeah,” John confirmed. “A couple of hours ago, just before Elizabeth went into labour.”

“That was actually nine hours ago,” Carson informed John, who raised his eyebrows. “Nine? Phew, doesn’t seem that long...”

“Speak for yourself...” Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and the entire group laughed, except Rodney of course, whose demeanour had suddenly turned quite sour. Carson seemed to sense this, and obviously detected a major incident brewing so spoke up quickly, moving to show Elizabeth’s guests from the room.

“Anyway, I think we need to let our new mother get some rest now...” he said; words which were accepted by everybody, but no one more so than the crestfallen science officer who took it most literally and stormed out of the room. As Teyla passed Megan back to Elizabeth, the new mother objected.

“Carson, honestly, I’m not tired...”

The large circles beneath her eyes and worn out expression on her face suggested otherwise, though, and after congratulating her again, Ronon and Teyla left together. When just John and Elizabeth remained, the doctor relieved Elizabeth of her daughter and then left the room, ordering his commanding officer to get some rest.

“So...Megan, eh?” John asked curiously once the two of them were alone. He sank into the seat next to the bed and leaned on his elbows, looking up at her. Elizabeth sighed and slid down in the bed a little. “You told me you hated that name.”

Elizabeth shrugged. “Put it this way, if I’d said I liked it, wouldn’t you have won the baby name poll?” She smiled deviously, as John’s face fell.

“How did you...”

It was clearly the innocence on his face which made Elizabeth laugh. “John, when people start coming up to me, casually dropping baby names into the conversation...or asking me the names of members of my close and removed family...I begin to suspect.”

She closed her eyes and shook her head in a playfully exasperated way. With her eyes closed though, she yawned loudly. Taking this as his queue to leave, the man stood up quietly, so as not to disturb the tiny bundle in the cot next to the bed. By the time he’d gathered his things together, Elizabeth’s eyes were firmly closed, but contentment reigned over her features.

John watched her for a moment – something quite indistinguishable going on in his mind – and he then leaned over her, pulling a stray curl from her forehead and making to put a kiss in its place. Her eyes opened at this point, however, and she tilted her head up to catch his lips with her own.

The consequent electricity practically surged through the air around them, until he finally pulled back and placed another kiss where he had originally intended. With her eyes closed again, she smiled, not noticing him give Megan a tiny rub on her head on his way out.

“Oh, John...” Elizabeth called after him, halting him in his tracks. He turned back to look at her. Her eyes were only half open, and even that looked a struggle. “Who won the baby name poll?”

Racking his brain for a moment, he spoke. “Closest name to “Megan” was...” A grin crossed his face, “...”Meredith”...”

Even though her eyes had closed, Elizabeth’s grin lit up the room, and John sighed before adding on his way out, “There’ll be no living with him after this...”

Was Elizabeth Weir still awake, she would have concurred.

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