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Home - Part 3

Yet another installation of my fic "Home".
Previous Parts can be found here --->
Part 1 and Part 2

This part is longer, and has indications of some disturbing stuff in it, so please be warned. I don't have time to type it all up right now but will try and get the rest up tomorrow!

Please feel free to comment, and enjoy! (:

In the dead of the Mess hall, Elizabeth took the last spoonful of her soup and then eased back into her chair.

Ronon Dex, who had been lurking in the shadows in the corner of the deserted room, watched her briefly while quietly devouring his own meal. Since entering ten minutes ago, Elizabeth had kept her head low and her actions hushed, choosing to consume her food in the semi-darkness without making contact with the only other two people in there. Ronon presumed she was avoiding somebody. When the other two left however, and she sat with her mug in her hands for over five minutes without moving, Ronon changed his mind.

Finishing his meal, he pushed the tray aside and then started on his desert, cramming the trifle into his mouth in heaped spoonfuls with little show of table manners. He kept his eyes on Elizabeth while she finished her drink and stood up to leave. As she did so, however, she seemed to lose her balance. Catching the back of the chair just in time to steady herself, Ronon re-thought his actions to help her.

A minute or so later, however, just as he finished the last spoonful of his second trifle, she suddenly collapsed to the ground. Ronon threw down his spoon, leapt over the tables between his and Elizabeth's, and clambered over to her. Once there, he pulled her limp body into his arms and ran off towards sickbay. He didn't even think about it.


All around her were noises; voices fading into the distance and then growing louder again, merging into one indistinct drawl. She opened her eyes, an element of comprehension began to dawn upon her, and as the room came into focus, the pains throughout her body soon became more intense. Se wanted to rest; to curl up into some kind of ball and simply sleep for as long as she coudl, but that wasn't possible. Not here, with all these people around her.

On opening her eyes, the awful realisation of what was about to happen hit Elizabeth like a splash of cold water as a wake up call. She knew she wouldn't be able to hide any longer.

Emerging from the bedcovers only slightly, she saw Doctor Beckett hovering about beside her. When he noticed she had wakened, she closed her eyes again and heard him send whoever else was there away.

She didn't hear any objections, and so she knew she was in trouble.

"Doctor Weir," Carson said, after several seconds. She looked up to see him standing over her, a pained look on his face. She turned onto her back and pushed herself into a sitting position, then clasped her hands on her lap and prepared herself for what was to come.

"Elizabeth," Carson repeated, "you know, don't you, what I'm about to say..."

Elizabeth could feel tears forming in the corners of her eyes, and felt a burning in the back of her throat that hadn't been there before. It took everything she had to stop her breaking down. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came. All that followed was a flood of tears down her cheeks, which she wiped quickly away, not wishing to seem so vulnerable. But Carson saw and pulled a privacy curtain round her bed before sitting down next to her.

"How did this happen, Elizabeth?"

She was positively sobbing now, and her face was flushed with embarassment.

"It happened on the planet, didn't it?" the doctor went on when she never replied. "While you were being held hostage..."

He wasn't asking, he was telling it exactly as it was, and the fact that he could guess so accurately terrified Elizabeth that everyone else may have the same luck guessing.

When she finally looked him in the eye, she saw his face fall further. "Oh, God, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry."

This was the trigger. Words weren't even needed to explain, she knew he could tell what had happened and this brought it all flooding back to her. Neither spoke - Elizabeth didn't know what to say.

All she did was break down; crying like she'd never cried before and allow herself to be pulled into Carson's embrace, where she stayed for a long time, until finally ready to recall how she had fallen pregnant in the first place.


Everything had been going according to plan. Well, pretty much everything.

Negotiations with the Genons of P9X 895 had been in progress for little under an hour, with John and Teyla having more or less convinced the officials that trade with Atlantis would be beneficial to both parties concerned. About five minutes into the negotiations, Elizabeth had been summoned to the planet's surface; as the Genons would only reach any finalities with the most senior of Atlantis' leaders.

Elizabeth had graciously obliged; in her view any relations with seemingly benign races were good relations, whether or not the trade was of great value.

"They seem nice," John began quietly as the room took a five minute recess from the talks.

The three from Atlantis were in the corner under the close guard of their security detail; Elizabeth in the centre, John and Teyla on chairs either side of her. Elizabeth couldn't tell whether John was being sarcastic though in her opinion he had no basis to be. The Genons were simple people, who cherished and embraced what little they had. As far as she could see, the community saw the opportunity to trade as something special, a chance to be grasped.

"I agree," she said with a small nod. She and John both then looked to Teyla.

"As do I," she agreed. "Never before have we encountered such an... optimistic group of people."

Elizabeth nodded.

"They do seem the hopeful type," John chipped in, though there was something in his tone again which made Elizabeth frown.


"But..." John continued. "I don't know... We never just meet 'nice, hopeful' people. There's always a catch."

Realising that this was John's concern, Elizabeth herself became a little less worried.

"Come now, I think you've become a pessimist in your old age, John." She smiled, and this time it was John who frowned.

"Just don't say I didn't tell you so..."

He raised his eyebrows at Elizabeth, who in turn looked at Teyla and the two smiled. They were interupted at that point by a young Genon female, who was about two thirds Elizabeth's size, and wore a pleasant smile.

"Doctor Elizabeth Weir, can I interest you in joining me for a beverage and small snack?"

Next to her, Elizabeth could sense John suppressing a chuckle. She smiled at the Genon.

"Myla?" The female nodded. "Myla, you can call me Elizabeth, and yes, I would love to join you." Turning back for a split second, she raised her eyebrows at John, who did likewise before motioning a security personel to join her. When she registered his intentions, she shook her head and raised a hand.

"That won't be necessary, John."

Both John and Teyla made to object at that point, but Elizabeth's still raised hand cut them both off. Turning her back on the Genonian Myla, momentarily, she leaned in to both her senior officers and spoke in a hushed fashion.

"These people seem nice, we've seen no indications of violence or hostility. I think we need to show equal faith in our potential allies..."

Her tone was final, as she wished it to be: it was one which neither John nor Teyla could object to. She gave them a minute, allowing the time for disapproval to pass, and then she turned back around to Myla.

"After you," she motioned to the smiling female, who didn't quite understand, and merely stood watching Elizabeth; a kind of sweet, dumbfounded expression on her face.

Now Elizabeth was convinced John was laughing behind her.

"I mean... lead the way..."

With better luck this time, the female nodded and took Elizabeth's arm, ushering her off out of the counsel chamber, in the general direction of the main facility...


"And so you went off with an alien stranger, without a security detail?"

Carson was staring dumbfounded at Elizabeth as she rubbed her eyes with her fingertips. She was still lying on the bed in the infirmary - which was now entirely empty - with the doctor by her side. He had been listening intently to her recollection of events - which she had been describing with great accuracy, given the delicate nature of the situation - but when she told this last part, Carson found himself in shock. He was going to press the matter, but the look on his friend's face informed him that, in hindsight, she whole-heartedly regretted the decision herself. He therefore felt no need.

"Anyway, you went with the Genon female. Then what happened?"


A mass of twinkling lights was the first thing that hit Elizabeth's eyes the moment she stepped into the Genon facility's dining hall. The room was long and narrow, with a huge arched roof and stained glass windows. In it there consisted of a single banqueting table laiden with more food than she'd seen in one place in her life before. What struck her though, was how dark the room was; a matter which she supposed was intended to be resolved by the twinkling fairy lights dispersed along the roof arches.

It had taken her and Myla almost ten minutes to reach this place after leaving the chamber and on the way, Elizabeth had shared almost everything she safely could about Atlantis and Earth. In her opinion, Myla was one of the most wonderful listeners she had ever met; it was as though everything she said intrigued her. Myla didn't say much, but Elizabeth hardly even noticed.

"Is it acceptable?"

She nearly jumped when Myla finally spoke.

"Oh, yes." Elizabeth gazed around the room in absolute bewilderment. "Yes, it's absoutely beautiful." She eventually tore her eyes from her surroundings and looked at her guide. "I can't believe this is part of the same facility."

Myla nodded.

"We have many different sections to our... 'facility'," she hesitated before adopting Elizabeth's word, "each is more diverse than the last."

"I can see that," Elizabeth replied, looking around again. "It's enchanting." Her smile widened, "Very much like Atlantis."

When she looked at Myla again, she could suddenly sense an uncomfortableness which had come on so quickly, she was unsure as to what had caused it.

"You are very fond of Atlantis," Myla stated, which caused Elizabeth to frown ever so slightly in misunderstanding. "I am, yes. My family," She paused to reconsider what she was about to say, but as it had come to her so subconsiously, it lightened her heart. " family are there. It's my home."

Instead of smiling or responding in kind as Elizabeth would have expected her to, Myla said nothing and simply stared, a kind of conflict of emotions dominating her features.

What happened next - in all it's horror - seemed to follow as a natural consequence to this sudden change in atmosphere. Without warning, in an act which hardly allowed Elizabeth time to register the situation, Myla all at once pulled out a pistol and pointed it squarely at her chest.

"I am sorry," she announced as Elizabeth looked up from the weapon. "Truly I am... Elizabeth."

The look of a tortured soul was the last thing Doctor Weir saw before everything around her went black, and the pain in her chest caused her to sucumb to nothingness.

She didn't come to for what seemed like days as everything in her mind seemed so distant and lost. As a natural reaction, she went to rub her head - which felt as though it had been hit against a brick wall - but found herself restrained. When she opened her eyes, the blur which she was greeted with quickly transformed into a person; a man, tall with long jet black hair and matching almost black eyes.

Seeing that she was awake, Elizabeth watched as he motioned to whoever else was there, then was soon joined by a female - of equal height and appearance.

Even though she'd been in similar situation more than once before, Elizabeth's heart was pounding and something deafening in her head was telling her that this was different. Maybe it was the unforgiving look on her captor's eyes, or the syringe which the male held in his left hand, that suddenly made her terrified.

"Now," the female began, without a trace of compassion in her voice. "You will tell us what we wish to know, or you will die."

Her accomplice lowered the needle, Elizabeth felt a sting in her arm, and just like that, everything went numb.


There were tears flooding her eyes, so much so that she couldn't see Carson properly. In any other case she would have been drowning in embarassment, but there and then, all she could focus on was getting it out in the open.

Carson wasn't saying anything, and she found that this being the case, she could tell her story with more stability: as if recalling the facts of a revived nightmare.

She pushed herself further back, and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. After allowing herself a moment to retain stability, she went on.


"...No. I downright refuse. We have no reason to treat the prisoner in such a manner."

A cruel, harsh voice interupted the first.

"We have every reason! They come to our world claiming they wish to trade, they wish to 'share' these technologies they invented, in return for our defenses, our secrets."

Elizabeth roused at the loudness of the voice, but nobody seemed to notice as the speech went on for a few seconds longer.

"People do not just share information in this way, Lusei, friendliness does not extend this far; not when the wraith are involv-"

"Eldon, she is regaining consciousness."

When she opened her eyes, Elizabeth saw two people - the same two as before - leaning over her. She realised she must have passed out, since she didn't remember actually closing her eyes. Her entire body was tingling and she couldn't move her legs, or arms - for that matter.

"Doctor Weir," the female began, in a less malicious tone than before, but one still as harsh. "Your race seem to have a very low threshold for simple medications."

She tutted in the same way a parent would had their child misbehaved. The male left momentarily and then returned, holding what looked like a data pad. The smug and triumphant look on her captor's face made anger swell within Elizabeth, an anger which even masked the fear momentarily.

"You will NOT get away with this," she tried to state harshly, but through her lips as numb as her body, the words transpired as little more than a slur.

The female, - Eldon - didn't laugh coldly as Elizabeth would have half expected her to. Instead, she looked slightly angrier.

"Oh, but I will - we will. We have operatives everywhere, we can accomplish a great deal without being caught, I assure you." When Elizabeth chose to remain quiet, she continued. "You may ask yourself why you have been brought here, so let me explain."

The Genon nodded to her male accomplice, who moved out of sight, then Elizabeth's eyes fell on Eldon as she continued.

"You will have met with the high council, and you will know by know that our people are weak and benign. We seek out simplistic and ineffective measures to overcome the threats posed by our enemies, and revel in the delights of new people and cultures." She shook her head. "But no more. This is not how we should live our lives. And so, a group of us cast ourself out from the mundane - from the existing. We want to live - to be free from the ever-present fear of attack."

Eldon moved away to gather some object from the other side of the room, and then returned.

"Our numbers are growing; every day more and more people turn to our cause. We need an escape..." She stopped what she was doing and turned to Elizabeth, whose heart dropped. "And that is where you come in. I know you will not willingly comply, but an element of cooperation will be needed, Doctor, to ensure your wellbeing."

Elizabeth's heart sank - if possible - lower, into her gut as she saw what was coming. In a flash and a spur of pain, a neural-interfacing device was clipped to her temple, and as it began rifling through Elizabeth's hidden thoughts, Eldon smiled.


"They accessed everything?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Everything."

Her tears had dried now, leaving her cheeks glistening where they'd stained. Carson proceeded to excuse himself and disappeared into the main opening of the infirmary for a moment, before returning and retaking his position by her bedside.

It struck him then that she looked almost guilty, and so he reached out and patted her arm.

"Listen now, I certainly hope you're not feeling quilty for this." She looked away. "Elizabeth..." It took him a moment to find the words. "This was not your fault, love. You cannot be held responsible for what they took from you."

Still, she didn't look convinced.

"In a situation like that," he went on, "you're as good as a visitor in your own body. Nothing that you can do can overpower an instrument like that, not when somebody so determined is operating it." He could see he still wasn't getting through to her, se he sighed and patted her arm slightly. "Did you recognise the device?"

Carson didn't like to ask; he was no psychiatrist, but he knew enough about the human mind to know that changing the subject from one so delicate like this was not wise. He needed to know though, since he'd found only very slightly elevated levels of endorphins when she'd been brouht back - not a typical after effect of the goa'uld mind probes. Finding himself holding his breath in anticipation, he was a little disappointed when she shook her head.

"In retrospect, I should have paid closer attention to their technology, it might have given us an insight into who it was stolen from. At the time I presumed it was goa'uld..."

Elizabeth was rambling a bit now, so Carson intervened, shaking his head to hault her.

"It doesn't matter, it's not the least bit important right now. We can cross that bridge when we come to it."

He smiled kindly, and she nodded, closing her eyes for a moment, before continuing.


There was nothing humanly possible that she could do. The neural interfacing device was unlike anything Elizabeth had ever experienced. Like looking through somebody else's eyes in the worst nightmare imaginable, she could see everything she had heard, thought or experienced playing out on a transparent screen in front of her captor. She was helpless to resist; the more she held back, the more agony she was put through - every square inch of her body stung as if in contact with live electricity.

Having gone beyond the point of caring whether or not Eldon could see she was in pain, Elizabeth closed her eyes to try and block out some of the hatred brought on by seeing her.

After what felt like hours of excrutiating pain, everything went silent and dark, as the devise clicked off. The calm which followed in Elizabeth's mind was deafening compared to the horrors of before.

She re-opend her eyes to see Eldon looking down on her, eyes as black as the night.

"I must say, that was extremely simple." She looked down at the data she'd collected and smiled wickedly. "Here I have... exactly what I sought... the location of Atlantis, information of the means of getting there...I even have..."

As quickly as it had appeared, the widening, malicious grin disappeared from the Genon's face. She closed her eyes, shook her head and sighed, placing the data pad on a holder next to her and pausing for a moment.

Despite her body ache, guilt and complete and utter terror, a horrible feeling dawned upon Elizabeth then.

Eldon did not look happy.

"I was going to say that I had the codes relevant to overcome security protocols, but it seems that this is not the case." Cold and peircingly, Eldon leaned down and stared directly into Elizabeth's eyes. The act drove a more startling terror than before into her heart.

"You resisted, Doctor Weir. You shut off your mind and you resisted."

Elizabeth could only watch in panic as Eldon began to circle the area around the interrogation table.

"It is only your luck that the same limited power supply which prevents me from using this probing device again also prevents me from using a recently acquired, more brutal mind probe."

Somewhere inside, a most minute part of the Atlantian leder sighed in relief. If she had known then, however, what she knew now, Elizabeth would have welcomed the latter alternative.

"Your punishment, Doctor," Eldon continued, "Will not be as promised. She raised her eyebrows, before nodding to two male Genons - of similar shape, size and appearance to Eldon's accomplice Lusei - who approached and untied Elizabeth. They lifted her weak body and then looked to Eldon for instructions.

But what was to come next, seeing the malicious look in her eyes, Elizabeth had guessed before the female even spoke.

"She deserves neither death nor mercy. Do with her as you please."


"...and they did."

Back in sick bay, Elizabeth lowered her eyes to her stomach, not even daring to think what this next chapter of her life was to bring.

"The two men took me somewhere... I couldn't even see properly," she shook her head.

"No wonder," Carson added. "With the amount of the drug you were given - it's a wonder you were even consious."

In response to his words, she did nothing, except continue speaking.

"When we stopped walking, they dropped me on the floor..." A tear began to fall down her cheek, "...they didn't even speak, and I just knew..."

She couldn't face going on. As a new wave of shock and realisation over what had happened hit, she found herself crying silently again and wondering if this was the way life would be forever more. Wondering if there would ever again exist a thought in her mind which wouldn't lead her to this horrible memory.

Elizabeth had never been used to crying like this. She had always been so strong; the rigid backbone of stability her had always provided the most stable of emotional foundations. Even as a child Elizabeth had only cried in extreme cases, which had both been a blessing for and also infuriated her family. Nobody could tell when something had been bothering her. All her life she kept everything bottled up, to herself; to be sorted out if and when time dictated.

Now though, time seemed to have stopped. There was nothing else to focus on - nothing to be getting on with. Every passing minute proved to be a struggle, as much as she tried to keep her mind elsewhere. Maybe that was why it had been noticed. The usual approach hadn't worked - the backbone had snapped - and Elizabeth had consequently fallen into the depth of her troubles, instead of just tiptoeing around the side.

Even though sedated, she remembered what they had done to her as if it had been continously looped on play, and everytime she remembered, it made her feel sick and worthless.

The doctor's voice broke her thoughts.

"It's all right, Elizabeth, you don't have to explain, but I'm afraid I will have to ask you a few questions. If you want me to stop, please just say so."

She composed herself ever so slightly and prepared herself to recall that which she would never forget.


Close to twenty minutes later, Carson had been told everything which he needed to know, and felt it one of the worst experiences he had been through. She had told him everything she could remember, having been very much thorough, which he was both glad of and hated simultaneously.

On the one hand, she had provided enough information for him to make a detailed analysis about what had happened and hence a greater means of helping her. On the other hand, the description of her ordeal had hurt him beyond belief; emotionally he had never felt a greater hatred than that which he felt for Elizabeth's rapists.

He told her that the child was in the early foetal stages, that the heartbeat was strong and healthy, and that - at this stage - termination was still an option.

He provided her with all possibilities - though they discussed scenarios in which she kept the baby, those who would be there to assist, and how her job would be affected. He told her everything she needed to know and could only hope that, in the end, she would make the right choice.

Though whatever that choice may be, Carson Beckett couldn't say or decide; the same way Elizabeth couldn't either.

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